Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Yashoda Hospitals is a leading healthcare provider. The hospital provides patients with the latest technological innovations for diagnosis and treatment of the most acute clinical conditions. The hospital admits and cures over 3 lakh patients each year. This is made possible by the compassionate care and expertise of doctors providing the “Healing Touch” to the patients.

We started with 25 doctors and about 80 nurses. Today, we are empowered by 415 doctors and 1100 nurses. We are now a 3200-member family that provides round the clock personalized attention and care.

Yashoda’s vision to provide the best & affordable health care in India has stood the test of time. For the last 15 years, Yashoda has been providing cutting-edge technology combined with the latest medical procedures

In addition to this, streamlined information flows through our sophisticated information system, improved diagnostic capabilities, and caring disposition; have positioned us as one of the most trusted hospital in Telangana. It is a little wonder that we treat the most number of patients in the city. Yashoda has been rated as Hyderabad’s Best Hospital by a survey recently conducted by The Week Magazine.

We have moved from being solely focused on solving our patient’s problems, to addressing issues that concern the medical fraternity and the society. We have embarked on a dream. To make world-class healthcare affordable to people for all sections of the society. We are recognized as leaders in the field of health. Our doctors regularly publish scientific papers in national & international journals. People from all over the two States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India and neighboring countries, visit us for treatment.

In addition, through charitable cause, public awareness programs, and free health camps, our influence goes well beyond the confines of the hospital walls.
Teaching Programs

All our consultants are well experienced in postgraduate teaching & training programs. The academy regularly conducts academic programs for all the students. Adequate library facilities are available for the students for their use

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