Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unique Live Surgery & Scientific Symposium

Yashoda Group of Hospitals, fulfilling its commitment to excellence in medical education and research, has conducted a unique Live Surgery Workshop and Scientific Symposium across 4 different specialities in Mahabubnagar today at Hotel Sindhu, Mahabubnagar.

The Live Surgery Workshop and Scientific Symposium is a unique initiative in creating a platform for sharing of high-end knowledge in medical practices. The aim of this workshop is not only to provide an understanding of the latest surgical techniques through live surgical procedures, but also to enable hands-on learning through interactive sessions with all the participants.

Using a high speed network, we have broadcasted live procedures in 3 different specialities that included Cardiology, Urology and Gastroenterology forthe participants in Mahabubnagar. A two-way communication was also made available to facilitate interaction between the surgeons and the participants during the live procedures.

In addition to this, we have also conducted interactive Scientific Symposium in Nephrology. The symposium focused on presenting and critically assessing recent advances and key topics in the speciality to enhance the knowledge of the participants.

Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to watch
Live surgical procedure in Cardiology on ‘Beating Heart CABG’ done by ourdistinguished Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. N Nageswara Rao
Live surgical procedure in Urology on ‘Laser Endo Urology Procedure’ done by ourwell-known Urologists Dr. D. Kashinatham and Dr. K.V.R Prasad
Live surgical procedure in Gastroenterology on ‘Advanced G.I. Procedures’ done by our renowned GastroenterologistsDr. T. Vamshidhar Reddy, Dr. Abdul Khaliq and Dr. Ravi Shankar Reddy

The Scientific Symposium included interactive lecture on ‘Acute Glumerulonephritis- Evaluation & Management ’delivered by our distinguished faculty, Dr. A. Shashi Kiran.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. V. Vishnu Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, Yashoda Group of Hospitals said, “We have chosen Mahabubnagar for this unique workshop owing to its rapid strides in the healthcare sector. This initiative is a small step in keeping with our aim to increase awareness on medical advancements by sharing our vast knowledge gained over two decades of extensive experience in most advanced diagnostics, treatments and therapies.”

“Development in IT (Information Technology) and video technologies have made it possible for us to broadcast surgical operations in real time from our healthcare facilities to any places now. The workshop is founded on a free-exchange of knowledge from combined wisdom pool of over 700 doctors from Yashoda in different specialities, across three hospitals. We hope that this programme provides a dynamic educational platform for all who participated – the faculty and the attendees alike”, he further added.

Eminent physicians and specialists from the Mahabubnagar district were also present at the workshop.

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