Friday, September 2, 2016

STOP taking wrong financial & investment decisions

Instead of following a proven practical process to take right financial and investment decisions, we just take decisions impulsively or as a reaction to the circumstance.

“I invested in Highest NAV guaranteed ULIP ploicy, because I’ll not suffer if the market crashes.”

“I took this policy, because everyone told it is a good policy and that is getting closed shortly. So I didn’t want to miss it.”

“I burned my fingers in stock market. I will never ever invest in it.”

“I got a secret tip from an influential person that this stock will go up by 10 times. So I invested a huge sum of money.”

“I don’t believe in stock market, that’s why I always choose safe investments like endowment and money back policies.”

As a financial planner, I come across one of these dialogues everyday.

Proven Practical Process:

It is difficult to save the market from crashing; it is not possible to stop the agents misselling the insurance products; it is highly impractical to prevent people to give seducing investment tips; it is tough to have only positive investment experiences…

But it is easier, possible, and practical to change ourself to follow a proven practical financial & investment decision making process instead of falling prey for circumstances.

Instead of changing or controlling the financial world and financial climate, it is easier to learn to create your own personal financial world and personal financial climate. It is in your hands.

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