Friday, September 2, 2016

Observe your thoughts

Just ask a simple question yourself and observe your thoughts.

“Why am I taking this particular financial & investment decision?”

(If you are not taking any financial & investment decision now, for the purpose this experiment, you can consider the recent decision you have taken and ask the same above question)

Please be honest. We need not rationalise. Let us not give unreasonable reasons or inexcusable excuses. Be sincere and straight forward.

The answers may be:

“Because, today is the last day to save for income tax…”

“Because, everyone in my office has invested in this scheme…”

“Because, it is a very hot property…”

“Because, it is a one time opportunity…”

“Because I can make more money…”

“Because it is 100% safe and fail-proof…”

“Because it is recommended by an expert…”

Please observe your honest thoughts for the question ‘why am I taking this financial & investment decision?’ and write it down.

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