Friday, September 2, 2016

Evaluate your thoughts

Now take that answer and start evaluating.

i) Is the answer a lame excuse?

ii) Do you think the answer will give you a long term positive effect?

iii) Do you think the answer will give you personal peace or destroy your personal peace?

iv) Is the answer based on greed or fear or balanced mindset?

v) Does the answer look like a short cut to make money?

vi) Does the answer look like impulsive or reactive or proactive?

vii) Are any of your negative experiences or negative beliefs influencing your answer?

viii) Is the answer based on an external event or circumstance or based on your internal requirement?

ix) Does your answer alarm you that you are taking a long term decision based on your short term emotions?

x) Are you taking this financial decision based on urgency or importance?

xi) Does the answer look emotional or rational?

This evaluation process will dissect your thought process which led you to consider that financial and investment process.

This will reveal the fact. This will help you take more conscious financial and investment decision. This will help you stop falling prey for circumstances.

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