Wednesday, September 14, 2016

3rd Live International Workshop on Cardiac Surgeries

Hyderabad, Aug’ 9: Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad is organizing and conducting a live international workshop onMinimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries (MICS) for the third time at its Academic Hall on 10th August 2013. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the latest advances and improved outcomes of MICS and show the surgeons in and around India, thus taking it to the next level.

Standard procedures for heart surgery can be most invasive as they involve 10"-12" incision (cut). An MICS procedure is often performed through a smaller 3"-4" incision placed between the ribs, and sometimes even with smaller incisions. Advantages of MICS include minimum hospitalization, minimal blood loss, faster recovery, cosmetic advantages (no big scar on the chest), lower infection rate, lesser post surgical complications and even lower overall cost.

Nearly 200 eminent doctors from all over India and Sri Lanka and renowned international cardiac surgeons will attend the workshop as faculty. International faculty include Dr. Jaishankar Raman from Rush University Medical Center, Department of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, USA; and Dr. Theo Kofidis, Associate Professor, Head – division of Adult Cardia Surgery, Dept. of Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery, National University of Singapore.

The senior doctor, HoD, Department of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad, will preside over the live workshop to facilitate smooth interactions between the audience and the faculty and contribute to the workshop’s success. The senior doctor has one of the largest experiences in India in these surgeries. Two live cases – bypass surgery and mitral valve surgery – will be performed using the minimal access approach in this workshop.

Speaking about the workshop, the senior doctor, said, “We all know, one day most of the cardiac surgeries have to become minimal access procedures without compromising on the long term results and patient safety. Whether, we accept it or not, MICS is where we are headed now. Cardiac surgeons have to move ahead with the latest technology and patient demands. For some patients, this is going to be a big boon. However, this cannot happen overnight. It is only possible with persistent movement in this direction by the professionals. The goal of this workshop is moving surgeons towards this direction”.

Drawing attention to the advantages of MICS, he said, “In an open-chest surgery, the heart and its vessels are exposed through median sternotomy, where the breastbone is sawed open down the midline and then pulled apart. This is an extremely invasive and the most traumatic part of a standard heart surgery. In comparison, a minimally invasive procedure uses small incisions to access the heart without stopping the heart or cutting the breastbone and ribcage. It causes lesser trauma with faster recovery time and lowers risk of complications such as bleeding and infection. In just three weeks, patients can resume day-to-day activities and even return to their jobs”.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. G. S. Rao, Managing Director, Yashoda Group of Hospitals said “Yashoda Heart Institute has earned the reputation of being a leader in heart care performing approximately 10,000 procedures annually including heart and lung transplantations. We have made great strides in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery performing thousands of procedures and surgeries with precision and success. The Institute’s success is the result of a 20-year tradition of caring and innovation nurtured by Yashoda Group. This live workshop will not only highlight the advantages but will also talk about taking this procedure to its next logical level.”

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