Monday, August 22, 2016

Yahoo! The End of an Era

When you start to think of major companies that took shape during the beginning of the internet, several may come to mind. Yahoo! is definitely one of the top companies that are thought of when you think of the internet’s early years. Yahoo! encompassed a search engine, news and sports, email and a fun instant messenger all under one company. At one time, Yahoo! was one of the top companies with a large company value. Just 8 years ago, Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo! for 44.6 billion. The selling price today? Only 4.8 billion. That just shows how the troubles had escalated for Yahoo! in recent years.

It wasn’t always a decline with Yahoo! though. At one time in 2000, shares were high but just one year later they were at the lowest they had ever been. Yahoo! acquired many other companies, continuing to try and broaden their business and reach new audiences. Take a look at this infographic that explains the rise and fall of a once prominent internet company. Learn the basics from the startup of the company to its final sale. From the 8 different CEOs and their active years to the various acquisitions including the costs, follow the timeline designed by Shopsmart and see where the issues occurred for Yahoo! and why.

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