Friday, August 19, 2016

Will there be presidential debates this year?

Will there be presidential debates this year? Who knows.

Right now there are three presidential debates on the schedule but Trump would like a few conditions to be met before he agrees to any of them. His requests: "I don’t think they should be opposite NFL games, and I want to see a fair moderator and whatever else we’ll look at," he told Fox News last week. But he added, "certainly I want to do the debates."

Trump has said the debate schedule is a result of Clinton and the Democrats’ attempt to rig the system, but that isn't true. A nonpartisan, independent group made the schedule andPolitiFact rated him “Pants on Fire” for the claim. He is right about some of them overlapping with NFL games, but the Debate Commission has said tough luck: There are a lot more NFL games than debates so it’s hard to not get them to overlap.

Clinton agreed to the debates this week and her campaign chairman said that Trump was engaging in “shenanigans.”

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