Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rio 2016 wrestling results

There were huge hopes on wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt in Rio Olympics, but the Indian proved to be a disappointment as he failed to defeat Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran in the opening round. The Mongolian emerged victorious with 3-0 scoreline on Sunday.

The bout was cagey right from the first minute, and neither wrestler wanted to concede lead in the first few minutes. Both wrestlers were defensively strong, and Mandakhnaran opened his account after a 30-second passivity against Yogeshwar.

One thought Yogeshwar was close to earning few important points in the second period of the bout, but the Indian wrestler was outsmarted by the Mongolian, who brought his counter-attacking skills to help him earn two points, which stunned Yogeshwar.

Despite Yogeshwar's valiant effort in the final minute, the Indian wrestler could not get his way through Mandakhnaran's defence, which was top-class. Yogeshwar looked visibly disappointed after the loss.

After losing the bout, Yogeshwar was still in the bronze medal race. For that to happen, Mandakhnaran had to reach the final, which would open doors for the Indian wrestler in the repechage round. Unfortunately, the Mongolian wrestler lost to Soslan Ramonov in the quarterfinals.

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