Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Maharashtra's 'Dr Death' Posed As Protector Of Women, Then Preyed On Them

On June 15, Pol's sixth and final victim, Jedhe went missing from her home in Velang, Satara. She was the president of the local anganwadi and lived there alone, while her husband and college-going son live in Mumbai.

"My mother had said she was on her way to Pune for my sister's delivery, but she never turned up. We went to Wai police station and registered a missing complaint, but kept insisting on a kidnapping case. For a week, the police did not give us a positive response, but we knew it had to be an abduction - my mother was not the kind of person to leave home and we did not have any family problems," said her son Pramod.

The investigation showed that Pol and Jedhe had known each other since 1998. The police found that the two had made several calls to each other before her disappearance, and they began to question Pol.

One of the officers said that Pol confessed to luring Jedhe with the promise of R2 lakh for her daughter's delivery. Cops suspect that Pol decided to eliminate her as she was aware of his hand in the past five murders and had started blackmailing him.

Pol took the help of his girlfriend Jyoti Mandare - a nurse - to inject Jedhe with an overdose of anaesthesia, and then buried her body on his farm in Dhom village. Pol wanted the police and Mangala's family to believe she is alive and was moving around within the region. Soon, Inspector Padmakar Ghanwat got information that Pol and Jyoti had kidnapped and murdered Mangal. So police teams started searching for them. They laid a trap and nabbed Jyoti in Wai on August 10. Then, around 2 am on August 14, the Satara police team nabbed Pol at Dadar in Mumbai.

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