Monday, August 22, 2016

Is it a Long term or short term Investment?

You should keep in mind the investing period. Some look for a short term investment and some go for long term. This differs according to the requirement of an individual. So, may be the person you consulted had a requirement for the short term and thus his/her technique is not going to meet your long term requirement. Thus, you need to understand your time horizon and invest accordingly.

When you need cash for emergency…

The liquidity requirement of every individual is different. Liquidity implies how soon we can get the money. The requirement and need of it differ and thus we can’t just follow the footsteps of others. Imagine that are investing with a motive to get return sooner but you invested in a plan that would take a couple of years more than your requirement. In such condition, you will be helpless and it would seem worthless to have invested in such a plan. Thus, it required that you do a proper research and study of any plans before investing. After all, you would not expect to get yourself into any sort of trouble.

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