Thursday, August 25, 2016

Investment in Shares

Get Unique Client Code (UCC) allotted.
Get a copy of KYC and other documents executed.
Get order of trading of shares executed in his/her Unique Client Code only.
Get order of trading of shares placed as per terms and conditions agreed to between broker and investor.
Get best price.
Get contract note for trades executed.
Get the details of charges levied.
Receive funds and securities on time.
Get shares through auction where delivery is not received.
Receive statement of accounts from trading member.
Ask for settlement of accounts.

Right for redressal against

Fraudulent price
Unfair brokerage
Delays in receipt of money or shares
Investor unfriendly companies

Rights to Remedies

To take up complaint against a member with the Exchange
To take up complaint against a listed company
To file arbitration against a member, if there is dispute
To challenge the arbitration award before a court of law
To file class action suit against the company.

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