Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme,2016

The Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme 2016 was introduced with effect from 01.06.2016 to address in part the issue of pending litigation before CsIT(A).In order to monitor the progress of the Scheme, reporting in the prescribed proforma was requested within the timelines mentioned therein. Although report for the month of June, 2016 was due by 20.07.2016 but the same has not been received from many PCCIT Regions. Similarly report for the month of July has also been received from only few Regions.

2. In this regard, I am directed to communicate the displeasure expressed by the Chairperson on such delay in reporting and to request to expedite the report. I am further directed to request that the PCCIT Region, where no application has been received till date are required to disseminate the information and sensitize all the CsIT (Appeals) in this regard .It is also requested that the application received may be decided within 30 days of receipt.

3. This may be brought to the attention of all Cs1T (Appeals) in your Regions.

(Sadhana Panwar)


CBDT, New Delhi.

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