Friday, August 19, 2016

After Punjab Setbacks, How AAP Has Struck Back

Not too long ago, AAP was dubbed a one-state wonder. It was called a one-time phenomenon, an accident of history. It was said that AAP won't withstand the rigors of practical politics, the sharks of politics will chew them up. But not anymore. AAP is now the most-talked about political formation which has emerged of late. It is called the "new age party".

I was convinced from the start that AAP has national appeal and it is here to stay. It all depends on how and when it decides to spread out. As they say, sometimes a crisis is an opportunity. From the very first day, the AAP government in Delhi was not allowed to function. All kinds of obstacles were put in our path. The attempt was to psychologically put AAP down. AAP was left with no other option but to look outward, spread its wings and fly as high as possible to tackle the "climatic turbulence". It was then that Punjab appeared as a God-sent opportunity.

In the 2014 parliamentary elections, AAP won four seats in Punjab. It had contested 434 seats nationally and lost its deposits in 409 seats. AAP was ridiculed as the "Zamant Zabt" party (a party which had lost even its deposits). It was humiliating. But even in those tough times, Punjab stood by us and showed the path. Arvind Kejriwal's road shows in Punjab were a great success during the parliamentary elections. We were surprised with the kind of response he was getting. AAP's own fort in Delhi was demolished. AAP lost all seven Lok Sabha seats. Everybody declared that the AAP bubble had burst.

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