Monday, August 22, 2016

Adverse health effects mitigated by upward trend in job satisfaction

The direction of the trend in job satisfaction - better or worse - has an influence on health later in life. However, those individuals who were initially low, but got better over the course of their early career, did not experience the health problems associated with consistently low or declining job satisfaction.

No ill effects were observed in mental and physical health for those participants with upward trending job satisfaction.

"We found that there is a cumulative effect of job satisfaction on health that appears as early as your 40s," says Dirlam, lead author of the study.

Zheng added that a person does not have to be at the end of their career to see the health impacts of job satisfaction on mental health. Also to be noted is that the study participants were examined while in their 40s.

The study ended before the Great Recession. "The recession almost certainly increased job insecurity and dissatisfaction, and that could have resulted in more negative health effects," Dirlam concludes.

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