Thursday, August 25, 2016

10 Indians Who Proved To Be Forward Thinkers

Today, wherever you look around, you find people wanting to be different. With a population a little over 1 billion, you would think that at least one person would come up with an ingenious idea that's not a recycled version of another idea. Well, the good news is that there are not one but ten such people who have proved to be Forward Thinkers with their progressive approach. They have not only changed the way their industry works but have also set a benchmark for others to follow.

To celebrate their forward thinking, Jaguar XE has brought these dynamic people together in Ready To Rule, an exclusively crafted five-part series that gives a peek inside the best Forward Thinking minds of India as they draw inspiration from the Jaguar XE to craft bespoke creations that truly excite the senses.

Wondering who these Forward Thinkers are? Well, here's the list.

1. Ram Sampath, Music producer

While there are some rappers and DJs who create the same old tunes using auto tune and recycled lyrics, Ram Sampath has stuck to his guns! Think of the music of Delhi Belly or Peepli Live. I bet, even today, you can listen to their CDs on loop without getting bored. His amazing composition and soulful lyrics are what makes him what he is today, a Forward Thinker who has changed the face of Bollywood music.

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